MONARK has an internationally operating structure with its continuously increasing production capacity.

He believes that the biggest necessity of working on this scale is an institutionalized human resources management.

MONARK’s human resources policy is to create a structure that is capable of competing internationally by incorporating local human resources.

This understanding is based on a professional perspective on all aspects of the company; interpersonal trust and respect;

it is based on the definition of tasks and processes in the operational sense.

Daily activities carried out within the framework of ethical rules with a transparent and accountable understanding,

the projected future achievements are also planned. Employees’ career journeys in line with these success goals,

they are shaped in an overlapping character.

It is aware that the most important part of production processes is occupational safety. In every stage while producing with an understanding that will not harm human health;

the risks related to the occupational accidents of the employees are calculated and special occupational safety measures are developed for each stage.

Employee awareness is increased day by day and occupational safety awareness is established through trainings on occupational safety.

The basic vision of MONARK’s human resources policy is to support the individual development and motivation of employees;

as a natural consequence of this is to pave the way for institutional progress.