With its creative design team, we offer collections that capture only fashion from weaving and jacquard fabric at every stage in the product service cycle from design to production. We create a new style that does not only give direction to fashion with timeless designs.


We produce with new technologies

One of the basic principles in their work is the continuity of the customer Monark; special attention to customer loyalty and customer's design, price, quality, speed and flexibility are trying to respond to the expectations in the most perfect way. Positioning itself as a production brand, Monark; It takes every step needed to serve its customers better. In this direction, it goes beyond being a manufacturer company to become a manufacturer fashion company and aims to exceed customer expectations. On the other hand, Monark provides continuity in institutional and structural improvements; it aims to ensure the employment it provides to a total of 250 people and to develop human resources which is the most important element of the sector. Monark is the production brand of the leading brands in its sectors. continues its activities with the aim of becoming a fashion producing company in the future.